I have two passions – people and music. The Sassy Solopreneur is the culmination of these two loves which have been inherently intertwined throughout my life and career, each equipping me with invaluable experience to assist you on your business path.

I founded The Sassy Solopreneur for three key reasons …

To assist female entrepreneurs and mumpreneurs to take their successful side hustle to the next level, transforming what might have started as a hobby into an exciting, profitable main gig.

To provide guidance to women who feel disenchanted with their careers and found themselves asking, ‘where to from here?’ I am compelled to empower and support these women to refocus and get back on track.

To continue supporting women in leadership roles within multinational organisations as they navigated directorship and managerial leadership – an undertaking I have enjoyed for more than a decade.

Well, sure, I’m sassy, but I’m also qualified with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and I’m a Certified Analyst of Behaviours and Motivators.

These qualifications have taken me all across Australia in diverse and exciting ways meaning these days I go by Business Consultant, Career Coach, Public Speaker and Podcaster. Having mentored small businesses, large multinational organisations, and musicians at varying stages of their careers, I am comfortable providing customised solutions to issues within Human Resources, Business Management, Marketing and Training facets.

The Sassy Solopreneur is my latest venture, targeting women on the cusp of something great. With my comprehensive guidance and side-by-side coaching, as The Sassy Solopreneur I will harness your uniqueness and streamline your business processes to ensure that the only way is up for your company and its people.

Familiar face? You’re not dreaming … You may have seen me